Application Support Service

Enjoy seamless, secure, speedy application support with Origin

The average New Zealand organisation relies on 10 - 15 applications for their day-to-day business operations. This means that in-house IT teams depend on multiple third-party vendors for their application support needs, leading to fragmented services and loss of productivity which ultimately puts a doorstop on their capacity for innovation and growth. 

In today’s modern business environment, users expect a seamless, secure, and speedy experience across core business applications. Our application support service does just that, by streamlining all of your critical, SaaS, legacy and in-house application support needs into a single point of contact. 

Backed by a team of specialists who understand your business, you’ll receive speedy and effective application support around-the-clock. This is ideal for:

  • freeing up time and assisting in-house dev ops teams tasked with building new applications

  • transitioning to new, modern-day applications by supporting legacy systems

  • reducing risk by reducing reliance on multiple third-party vendors

  • receiving advanced application support services tailored to your unique business needs

  • reducing the cost of in-house support services

Here’s what you’ll get from our application support service

“Origin’s application support service has provided our people with a consistent and reliable support function, freeing them up to do what they do best. It also gives me piece of mind knowing my applications are in safe hands.”

Wayne Bloem, Head of Operational Excellence at Kotahi

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How it works

  1. First, we’ll review your business and document key information about your critical application(s).

  2. We’ll then implement remote monitoring and management technology into your business and across your core application(s).

  3. Our team of application support specialists will be available 24/7 to respond to staff queries, logged tickets and automated notifications, and manage application issues through to completion.

  4. Once we’ve resolved the issue, we’ll submit our learnings to the knowledge hub that’s accessible to your business.

  5. We’ll also send intelligence around user behaviour back to your dev ops team to feed into the development cycle, improving the speed of delivery and quality of new digital products.

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