Malware Attacks!

6th August 2019

Written by Origin Security

As 2020 fast approaches, many New Zealand businesses are continuing to fall short on cybersecurity. It’s the same old story: ‘We haven’t experienced a security breach, so why invest in cybersecurity?’ Or ‘We haven’t invested in cybersecurity, but really, what’s the worst that could happen?!’

Over the upcoming months, Origin Security will be sharing three scenarios depicting the aftermath of a typical security breach. Each scenario is based on real life events and examples that our team of security analysts encounter on a regular basis. The goal is not to scare, but to drive the point home that theimpact of a security breach extends far beyond the technical minutiae of a business’ inner workings. 

Because the true impact of a security breach can be anything from loss of sensitive business data to hard-earned income to all-important business reputations, proving that cybersecurity isn’t a technical issue, it’s a business risk issue and an easily preventable one at that. 

Origin’s threat management service is a sure-fire, easy-to-implement business tool designed to prevent the very scenario depicted below. That’s why you’ll see two versions of the same story, one showing the aftermath of a security breach with a threat management service in place, and one without. 

Origin’s threat management service combines state-of-the-art technology with a team of dedicated security specialists and tried and true processes that have been refined over years of experience. We recommend a threat management service for all of our customers for 24/7 threat detection, prevention and response, and to avoid nightmares like this from becoming a reality. 

What’s the worst that could happen? Find out for yourself...

Malware comic 1000 one row v2 01

To find out how Origin’s Threat Management Service can protect your business from scenarios like this, click here.

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