Origin + The Instillery: A fresh new choice for New Zealand businesses

20th of August

Written by Michael Russell

With the announcement of Origin's merger with cloud specialists The Instillery last week, we took a giant leap closer to our vision of becoming New Zealand's technology partner of choice, underpinning the success of Kiwi businesses.

The merger means we'll be able to meet a need that has so far gone largely unmet: That of a strategic partner who can speed up cloud adoption for New Zealand's enterprise, corporate and government organisations, while making sure they're supported and secure. It provides a genuinely new choice for businesses looking to innovate faster.

When I started Origin out of a garage in 2000, I couldn't have predicted the profound impact that cloud computing and mobile technologies would have on the way we live our lives and do business today. But the one thing I have always been sure of was the importance of staying close to our clients and their end users, in order to evolve and stay relevant.

Keeping close to our clients led us to develop New Zealand's first fixed fee managed IT support service back in 2005. We knew it was the most powerful way to ensure a consistently excellent experience for their end users.

The same approach led us to acquire Optinet in 2015, so that we could leverage their twenty year heritage in security to establish one of New Zealand's leading cybersecurity practices. That move allowed us to keep our clients and their staff and customers secure anytime, anywhere and on any device.

And in recent years, keeping close to our clients has led us to two truths. The first: A poorly conceived or delivered cloud strategy can profoundly damage the end user experience by leaving customers and employees vulnerable to friction and security issues.

The second: Today, we all demand more from businesses. We expect a personalised and intelligent digital experience, in both our personal and our work lives. Businesses need an agile approach to cloud that will allow them to meet these expectations by innovating more quickly.

That's where The Instillery come in. Born in the cloud and automation era, their technical cloud capability is unmatched in this country. Unusually in the NZ market, they're cloud agnostic, meaning their customers get the right formula, customised for their business, wherever they are in their digital transformation journey.

Our merger is not just a matter of bringing the three pillars of cloud, security and support together. Each of these pillars reinforce one another, so that the end result is an exponential increase in value for New Zealand businesses. In this case, 1 + 1 + 1 doesn't equal 3; it equals 10.

The merger also means great things for our people. Together, our team now numbers 200, with deep expertise across cloud, security, network and managed support. That opens up new career pathways for our existing staff, and makes us an employer of choice in a skills short market.

It's been a pleasure getting to know Mike Jenkins, the incredibly talented CEO of The Instillery, and his team in recent months. I'm really looking forward to introducing him to the rest of the Origin team and our customers over the coming weeks.

Bottomless thanks to everyone who's been with Origin on this journey - our skilled and committed team, our inspiring customers, and our partners. I'm excited for what the future holds for all of us.

Check out Reseller News' take on our merger here, and our official announcement here.

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