What’s next in the world’s most exciting industry?

14th of September 2018

Written by Mike Russell

Earlier this year I attended a number of IT industry events, including Edge 2018 and Ingram Micro One APAC, and visited the HP Inc campus in San Jose. It was a fantastic opportunity to get together with thought leaders across the globe and explore emerging technologies, the opportunities and challenges facing our customers in 2018, and the future of our industry.

Across all the events, three top business priorities began to emerge: Innovation, hybrid cloud, and cybersecurity. At first glance this might sound like a disparate bunch, but in fact, they’re strongly interrelated:

We know that ninety percent of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. For all of us, this represents a massive opportunity to innovate using technologies such as AI and machine learning to automate backend processes while personalising the customer experience at the front...

...but that data needs to be stored and managed in a flexible, scalable way that supports innovation, which is why more businesses are turning to hybrid cloud.

And, of course, it needs to be kept safe. The exponential increase in data held by organisations, combined with the increased mobility of customers and employees, has earned cybersecurity a place at the head of the table in boardrooms across the globe.

Here a few key statistics from my notes that paint a very clear picture of the direction IT will take over the next few years.


My priority as Origin’s resident ‘futurist’ is to anticipate what’s coming next, so we can continue to help our customers evolve. Having attended this year’s industry events, I’m more confident than ever in our decision to invest in strategic consultancy services, hybrid cloud and cybersecurity. You can read more about our offerings here:


Mike Russell


By listening carefully to Origin’s clients and staff in the early days, Mike knew that what New Zealand businesses needed was an IT partner that provided such robust and unbroken support that they were freed up to focus on growth and innovation. Mike believes the key to Origin’s success is that it attracts talented people who are driven to understand people and their needs first; technology and its benefits second.

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