Bridging the gap between security and support

Better together with managed IT support and security

Merging Origin’s managed IT support and managed security services bridges the gap between preventive security measures and the ability to effectively detect threats and manage incident response. This comprehensive ‘better together’ solution gives you access to Origin’s Threat Management service  - including 24/7 threat detection, analysis and prevention.

The true advantage lies in the efficiencies generated from streamlined support, including speed of response, a holistic understanding of your infrastructure, and the continuous feedback between your security and technology strategy.  As they say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What are the benefits of merging managed IT with managed security support?

  1. Bridging the responsibility gap: Whether it's an IT support problem or a security threat, we’ll take ownership of the issue from start to finish. There’s no finger-pointing here.

  2. Faster response times: Both our managed support and managed security offerings rely on next-generation technology to monitor your network. Put the two together, and we can detect, pinpoint and respond to any issues at twice the speed.

  3. Simple, streamlined communication: Streamlined lines of communication and a single SLA make for a pleasant, no-fuss user experience.

  4. Cost savings: You won’t be charged twice for services that are duplicated across both IT and security support.

  5. Smarter business decisions: Your dedicated Origin CIO and CISO will work closely together so that your IT and your security reinforce each other, representing a continuous cycle of improvement and the ability to prioritise technology investments and achieve your goals faster.

How it works

Origin’s managed security service uses next generation technology, people and processes to monitor and respond to security threats. Should an incident be detected, it is escalated to the managed support service desk for triage and remediation. That information is analysed and remedied by our Origin support staff and a dedicated virtual information security officer. Following remediation, key learnings and recommendations are fed back into your security roadmap and wider technology strategy. This process of identification, remediation and recommendation represents a continuous cycle of improvement.

Get in touch with an Origin representative and find out more about our better together service today.