What: IT Consulting, Technology Strategy, vCIO Service

When: -

Business-led IT strategy supports rapid growth

The back story

Cognition were established in New Zealand in 1989 and are wholly owned by the Cognition Education Trust. They provide tailored consulting expertise to international clients in all areas of education and run projects ranging from policy to implementation, spanning in-school support to evaluation and review. They are active all over the world,  notably in the Pacific, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.

Business challenge

During a period of rapid growth and change, it became apparent to the leadership of Cognition that they needed an overarching business-led IT strategy to ensure that good business decisions could be made and supported as the business grew. Cognition didn’t have a full time IT leadership resource in-house, so the decision was made to engage Origin to provide critical CIO services to the management team.


Origin’s vCIO fully integrated into Cognition, working closely with key staff, senior leaders and the Board over four weeks to ensure that the critical first stage outcomes were achieved:

  1. Answer key business questions (through value chain analysis, and actions and benefits of a business-focused technology roadmap).

  2. Answer key technical questions (including technical architecture, data requirements and high level analytical application requirements to support business intelligence opportunities).

  3. Implement Business Intelligence strategy (consolidate data sources into a ‘single version of the truth’ widely accessible to the organisation).

  4. Automate professional services (execute a key area of business focus to align with industry best practice).


Cognition is now confident that their IT strategy will help them achieve their business goals. CEO Terry Bates explains, “The work that Origin is doing continues to provide real value for us, and will be important as we implement our IT strategy into our business”.

After the initial strategic work, we have continued to provide CIO services to Cognition, with positive feedback from the Board of Directors and management: “Origin understands our business needs and context, enabling the right IT strategy for us”, says Terry.