What: Managed IT Support

When: 2010 - Ongoing

Future-proofed IT helps deliver rapid growth

The back story

JUCY was founded in 2001 by brothers Tim and Dan Alpe with 35 rental cars. Today, they have 3,800 cars, campervans and motorhomes in New Zealand, Australia and the US, a cruise operation and backpacker accommodation. They even manufacture their own vehicles at their JUCY By Design division in Auckland and Los Angeles.

Business challenge

When we first met the JUCY team in 2010, they were a quickly growing business who had underinvested in IT, but knew something had to change. There was a big disconnect between the IT JUCY currently had, and what they needed to achieve their audacious business goals. “Our server was in the kitchen next to the dishwasher, slightly off the ground!” recalls COO Dan Alpe. “When we started talking with Origin we began looking at our IT in a very different way. Previously we had viewed it as something that was basically a cost to our business. Origin opened our eyes to seeing that our IT network could be used to enhance and benefit our business.”


We quickly got to work to equip JUCY with the IT engine and strategy they needed to set themselves up for success. The first step in future-proofing JUCY for growth was replacing their IT infrastructure, which was completed seamlessly. Says Dan, “It blew us away how Origin moved our entire IT network from in-house into the Origin hosted server environment, literally overnight. Our call centre was fully functional at 7am in the morning after the transition.”

With robust new infrastructure, JUCY was ready to transition to managed IT support, freeing up the team to do what they do best. In addition to 24/7, instant access to our IT helpdesk, the JUCY team benefit from two Origin IT staff based permanently on site at JUCY HQ, delivering the best of both worlds: the power of the Origin support engine, with a personalised touch. Our virtual CIO has partnered with JUCY throughout, providing strategic IT guidance and technology roadmapping, and delivering a range of transformation projects.


Origin has established a partnership with JUCY that allows for quick growth internationally. Since we began working together in 2010, they’ve grown from 120 employees to over 500 employees in six countries. With an IT partnership that fully supports their business to scale quickly, the JUCY leadership team are confident that they’re future-proofed for the next stage of growth.