Loyalty New Zealand

What: Managed IT Support, Technology Strategy, Network Solutions

When: 2015 - Present

More control and greater freedom for Loyalty New Zealand

The back story

Loyalty New Zealand are Big Data specialists who help Kiwi businesses to learn more about what their customers want from them. Their best-known loyalty programme is Fly Buys, which has over 2.4 million cardholders in 74% of Kiwi households, and one of New Zealand’s most visited websites. They have a large team of analysts, marketers, data miners, designers and support staff in Auckland and Wellington, plus a customer service centre.

Business challenge

When we first met with Loyalty, there were high levels of dissatisfaction with their current IT support service among their employees, and this was affecting productivity across the business. We were initially engaged to provide support to the company’s Mac users, who were particularly frustrated. This grew into full managed IT support for all of Loyalty's 120 users and 160 servers in Wellington and Auckland.


Once we transitioned Loyalty to 24/7 managed IT support, we began work to update their infrastructure in order to improve its performance and reliability. We partnered with their skilled IT leadership team to fully transition the business to the cloud, and to deliver on their technology roadmap. We also began maintaining detailed and accurate documentation of their infrastructure on our centralised and secure knowledge base, giving Loyalty advanced visibility and control of their entire IT environment, and enabling us to quickly target a remedial response in the event of any failures.


The reliability and performance of Loyalty’s IT infrastructure has been dramatically enhanced, improving efficiency and productivity across the business. For example, the time taken to process Fly Buys points transactions has reduced from approximately three days, to just eight hours. In addition, 24/7 access to an expert helpdesk has improved morale across the business. Within the first week of moving to Origin, 80% of all Loyalty staff who interacted with our helpdesk provided feedback,  which was 100% positive. This has given the IT leadership team the freedom to focus on adding value to the business, secure in the knowledge their end users are being well-supported.