Woods Engineering

What: Managed IT Support, IT Consulting and Solutions

When: 2011 - Ongoing

IT partnership allows Woods Engineering to scale at speed

The back story

Established in 1970, Woods Engineering is a 100% New Zealand, employee-owned multi-disciplinary consultancy with a primary office located in Auckland and a secondary office located in Christchurch. They provide urban design, architecture, engineering, planning, surveying and geospatial services to the land development, building, health, institutional, energy, government, and transport sectors.

Business challenge

In 2011, Woods Engineering were a company of 60, with significant growth plans. They were quickly outgrowing their existing IT support provider, and company-wide satisfaction with IT was low. Woods began the search for a customer-focused IT partner, who understood their business and could support them through their plans for growth.


When Origin began working with Woods, our first focus was on restoring their employees’ faith in IT. The next priority was to get them into a position where they could scale their business with minimal disruption to staff, regardless of headcount.

In addition to 24/7 support and proactive monitoring and maintenance, we gave Woods onsite support for half a day a week. Staff confidence in IT quickly grew, as problems disappeared overnight.

Managing Director Daniel Williams says, “Origin earned the confidence of our staff through the onsite guy, backed up by the remote helpdesk. Staff habits changed quickly. Previously they would get distressed with the process when things went wrong. Since Origin began looking after us, they know that it will get sorted in no time – and productivity improved dramatically."


Daniel describes the relationship between Origin and Woods as “A true partnership that works very well for both businesses. Our teams collaborate and work together with the same attitude to success. Origin brings thinking to the table that we hadn’t considered previously, as IT is not our area of expertise.”

Since we began working with Woods, they’ve grown from 60 people to 105 with minimal disruption. “We have been able to scale our business and our staff numbers with minimal disruption. Origin delivered on what we agreed, and continues to exceed expectations,” says Daniel.

One of the unexpected outcomes of finding a partner that replaced IT pain with IT partnership, was that Woods is now freed up to collaborate with their New Zealand competitors to take on, and beat, multinationals in competitive bid situations for new business.