FREE Network Security Assessment

Get a quick, easy & free insight into your current security status

It doesn’t matter how up to date with cyber security you think you are, it’s likely that there’s a gap between your current protection level and the level it should be at to safeguard against the latest threats. Register for our quick, simple and free test to find out for sure.

How it works

The process takes approximately 7 days from start to finish. At the end of it you’ll have a high-level analysis of your current security posture, including details of any conflicts, loopholes or threats to your business network as well as a user productivity and network utilisation breakdown – with NO disruption to your existing infrastructure, and very little time input from your end. Here’s how it works:

What you'll learn

The aim of this assessment is to give you greater visibility of your security posture, while offering specific, actionable recommendations so you can effectively mitigate security and threat concerns, improve user productivity and optimise network utilisation.

  • Security and Threat Prevention - discover, correct and prevent vulnerabilities due to previously unknown breaches, attacks, high-risk applications, botnets, C&C activity, malware and more.

    IPS attacks will be bypassing your existing firewall and bombarding your network daily - some of our customers are seeing more than 6,900 per day.

  • User Productivity - find out what your team’s up to with data and insight showing the scale and nature of the applications they’re using.

    On average up to 200 applications will be utilised per day (including gaming, peer-to-peer, remote access) - many of them unknown to IT.

  • Network Utilisation / Bandwidth - get clarification around when your network is being more heavily utilised, and where your bandwidth is actually going.

    A common finding is that audio/video streaming applications will be using up to 35% of a company’s bandwidth within any given day.

The team at ORIGIN has been delivering IT excellence to Kiwi businesses for almost 20 years. We use the latest cyber-security technology and data-protection best practices to lower risk, minimise exposure and prioritise solutions, helping you towards a more secure future.