Information Security

Make sense of the new information security world order, with the best in the business on your team.

Gone are the days when we could protect our valuable information by building a fence around it with endpoint protection and firewalls. Now, with almost everyone in your organisation an internet access point, the boundaries are not always known and information security is much more complex. Our expert security consulting team will help you meet this challenging new security environment head on.

Review and plan

Using best practice industry frameworks 'right sized' for New Zealand businesses, our expert security team will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the current state of your information security, plus an overall security score which you can use to measure your progress against. You'll also receive a security roadmap, which when combined with your technology roadmap, will future-proof your business against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Virtual CISO

Your virtual CISO can provide independent security expertise to your business. They’ll bring with them a pragmatic approach to security that enables rather than inhibits you achieving business goals. They’ll drive your security lifecycle and strategy, and work with you to develop your security roadmap. Plus, they’ll deliver in-house programs covering the risks, responsibilities and solutions around cyber security, and help you introduce the necessary policies to support them.

Security roadmap

Technology roadmap

A future-fit business

Our security team is one of the biggest in New Zealand, with some of the brightest minds in the business, honed by working in industries ranging from defence and intelligence, to FMCG and finance.

Meet the team

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