Microsoft 365 Business

Wrap enterprise-grade security capabilities around the latest in productivity and collaboration tools with this all-in-one solution from Microsoft

Up the ante on your cybersecurity journey with Microsoft 365 for Business. Designed with small to medium-sized businesses in mind, the platform is a single integrated solution combining features from across Microsoft’s offerings with a state-of-the-art security solution at its core. The platform protects against security threats, data leaks and access to business information by malicious third parties. An ideal solution for resource-limited organisations wanting best-in-class mobility, productivity and collaboration capabilities, without compromising on security.

More protection Safeguard your business, data and people, with always-on security

The more devices and apps you have, the greater your chance of a security breach. But Microsoft 365 Business, also powered by Windows 10, provides automatic and universal enforcement of security policies that will reduce your business’s risk of data breaches. Windows Defender provides protection to Windows 10 computers against viruses, malware, spyware and other threats. Microsoft 365 Business provides managed device protection for Office 365 mobile apps running on Android and IOS devices. This protects your business data on mobile devices that reside within Office 365. Devices receive the latest updates, and built-in encryption locks down lost and stolen devices.

More mobility Get ready to work from anywhere, on any device

Flexibility is key when it comes to being productive from anywhere and on any device (including BYOD), regardless of connectivity. Microsoft 365 offers users the ability to work how they want, where they want, without having to think about remote access or staying connected to the Internet (files and inboxes will sync automatically once connection is restored). Microsoft 365 Business integrates Office 365 apps, OneDrive for Business file storage and Outlook (among other tools), so your team can work harder, respond faster and be effective wherever they are.

More productivity Transform teamwork and achieve more together

Having the latest communication tools at your disposal, such as Video Conferencing and Instant Messaging, and having the facility for multiple people to collaborate on documents in real time means that your team can work more efficiently, reduce double-ups and eliminate any time-wasting back-and-forth. Collaboration is made even easier with Microsoft 365 Business, as it is powered by Office 365, so your staff can jump on a Skype for Business video conference to communicate, view files, live update any documents and plan next steps as if everyone is in the same room.

Why Origin?

Origin is a Microsoft Gold Partner, which means you will be working with industry experts who have been deploying and supporting Microsoft’s Cloud Based Software-as-a-Service Solutions for years. Origin can work with you on your requirements, and tailor a solution for your fit for your needs as a small to medium sized business.

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