Network Solutions

Dodge downtime and lost revenue

With a robust and adaptable network infrastructure, your business will be well-equipped to handle change, growth and upgrades, no matter how complex. We can help design your optimal network, encompassing best practices, security considerations and performance considerations. The result? Minimal downtime, maximum performance.

Next generation firewall design and implementation

Regardless of whether your systems reside on premises or in the cloud, your business network needs protection. Next generation firewalls can identify malicious inbound or outbound network traffic, utilise explicit rules to lock down web and system traffic, and report on user and system usage. Firewall vendors release updates to their detection systems rapidly, so exploits or known malware communication addresses are blocked. Firewalls have many other features, such as bridging the internet connection between the office and an Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, so that all communications are encrypted. Origin’s networking team has deep experience of designing and implementing firewalling for businesses at all points of the complexity scale.

Around-the-clock network protection and repair

Origin’s Network Operating Centre (NOC) is your first responder for system failure. It constantly monitors your systems via a myriad of component heartbeats, and can ‘self heal’ well known server issues before they become a problem. If there’s an issue that can’t be resolved automatically, it is immediately escalated to our support team, and you’ll be continuously informed of resolution progress. Our NOC is able to protect Origin’s customer networks around the clock at a cost effective price through automation and notification optimisation - a level of service that would be near impossible to replicate in an individual business.

Network solution

Information security strategy

Less downtime, better performance

Our expert network solutions and architecture team have medium to enterprise-level network experience ranging from complex network and firewalling redesigns, to simple network refreshes.

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