Getting to Know: Debbie Norton

14th September 2018

Written by Origin IT

Getting To Know: Debbie Norton

Business Development Manager at Origin

Our newest Originite, Debbie Norton, is a busy woman. On top of a successful career, her two sons have managed to rope her into mountain biking, motocross and rugby over the years. She completed the Taupo Half Ironman team event last year, and she’s currently on the hunt for her next fitness challenge. Makes us tired just thinking about it! We nabbed her during a rare quiet moment to get to know her a little better.

Hi Debbie, wonderful to have you on board! Great banter, enviable must be Irish?

Sure am! My hometown is a little place near Belfast called Newtownards. I started travelling in my early twenties and ended up in this part of the world. Australia was my main destination (I didn’t even know about New Zealand then - don’t judge me!). But once I landed here and got to know the amazing scenery and awesome people, I felt very much at home. I moved here permanently in 2002.

It’s been three months now since you joined Origin team. Tell us, do you feel like you’re officially an ‘Originite’ now that you’ve settled into your new digs?

Definitely. I felt welcomed to the Origin family from day one. Everyone in the team knew I was coming and I had quite a few welcome emails and people dropping past my desk to say hello. The team ‘house wars’ create a lot of opportunities to get to know everyone across the business as well. There have been lots of activities already over my first few months: ten pin bowling, Friday drinks, dress up days...I love it!

You’ve had an impressive career to date. What drew you to Origin?

I’ve worked on both sides of the table – within a corporate IT team and for an IT provider – and realised that providing technology solutions that help clients achieve their business goals is what drives me. I was drawn to Origin because I wanted to expand into other areas of technology and the diversity of solutions and services Origin offers really stood out for me. Once I met the leadership team, I knew this was a company I wanted to join. I was inspired by the direction of the company and the constant repositioning of solutions and services to stay one step ahead of customers’ needs.

What does your role as Business Development Executive entail?

My role is to get to know prospective customers and deepen our knowledge of current customers. Once I understand a business’ evolving challenges and opportunities, I can offer the services and solutions that can best help them get where they need to be. I also feed back to Origin areas where we can expand our service offerings so we continue to stay at the forefront of the industry.

What are you most looking forward to achieving in your new role at Origin?

Winning my first new customer contract! 

Origin’s CEO, Mike Russell, likes to say that IT is the “world’s most exciting industry”. What makes the IT industry so exciting for you?

I am truly amazed at the acceleration of change in technology over the last 5-10 years. The buzz for me is in assisting customers to stay ahead with innovation that not only meets their business objectives but keeps them relevant to their own customers.

Describe your typical work day in three words...

Researching, communicating, fun!


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