Getting to know: Tania Allison

10 November 2017

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Written by Origin IT

Getting to know: Tania Allison

Head of Services at Origin IT

This month we’re welcoming Origin’s newest employee, Tania Allison, our new Head of Services. Tania has had a very bright career in IT, including roles as Service Delivery Manager at Hewlett Packard, and most recently, as Sales Manager for Spark Digital. We cornered her at the pool table on Friday for a chat.


Hey Tania, welcome aboard! Do you mind if we ask you a few questions so our customers can get to know you?


Sure, fire away!


We’re just going to plunge right in and ask: What’s been the proudest moment in your career to date? Don’t be shy now!


Oh, that’s an easy one I think. A while back, I’d just started a new role managing a large outsourcing agreement that was six months away from being re-signed by the customer. Unfortunately the relationship was very negative; they’d lost all trust in their IT provider. It looked highly unlikely they’d re-sign, but I was optimistic that the relationship could be repaired by truly listening to the customer as a first step, so we started there. Then I brought the delivery teams together and we focused on a clear goal of high-quality service delivery and better communication. This resulted in a very happy customer who re-signed a significant contract.


You’ve worked for some big names in the IT world. What made you decide to join Origin?


Origin’s name kept coming up in the market, whichever way I turned. They’ve developed a reputation in the industry for high quality service delivery and a talented leadership team. So when the opportunity to work here presented itself, I jumped at the chance.  


What’s most surprised you most about working at Origin so far?


That they’ve put me in the ‘House Wars’ team that’s coming second – I hate coming second! I am a very competitive person, so game on!


What projects/initiatives/goals are you most looking forward to doing at Origin?


I’m most looking forward to meeting our customers. I am absolutely passionate about customers and how IT can help their businesses to be successful. I have a clear goal to achieve at Origin – to be the first choice mid-market IT services organisation for New Zealand businesses. And I want our services team to have fun achieving that goal!


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