Getting to Know: Tristan Bottiani

30th April 2018

Written by Origin IT

Getting to know: Tristan Bottiani

Delivery Engineering Team Leader, Origin

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Tristan joined Origin in 2006 as a Field Engineer. He quickly became involved in project delivery, before progressing into project management. He now leads the Project Delivery Team as Delivery Engineering Team Leader. We caught up with one of our original Originites for a game of pool and a chat.  

You’ve been with Origin for 12 years now! You’re officially a wise old elder.

Yes I have! Twelve years is a long time but I really love it here. This was my very first role in New Zealand and I feel like I struck it lucky. I certainly haven’t been doing the same thing every year - my career’s evolved as the company has.

What other roles have you held here?

I started as a field engineer, which involves visiting clients on site and resolving IT issues as part of the BAU team. That gave me a really good grounding and insight into what IT looks like when it’s working well for a customer. Then I moved into project delivery, working as part of a team to deliver upgrades or install new infrastructure, and then into project management. That gave me a good understanding of how our PMO (project management office) works.  Since then I’ve gone back to delivery and now lead the project delivery team.

What’s the most rewarding project you’ve worked on?

There are a few candidates but a recent one that sticks out was a large scale infrastructure refresh. It was quite complex as the client had acquired multiple companies, all with their own IT systems. Staff had to log into different IT environments under different accounts in order to do their work, which was incredibly frustrating and inefficient. After the project, their systems were streamlined into one domain hosted in our data centre. Staff now access all their vital systems under one account. The most satisfying part was being able to plan and perform these complex migrations with minimal downtime for the client, making a real positive difference to their business.

What challenges are you seeing clients facing right now?

One of the biggest challenges facing our clients is security. It’s no longer enough to have a hardware firewall and some anti-virus software. New Zealand businesses are slowly coming round to how important it is to have a robust, multifaceted security strategy and it’s great to be at the forefront of that in what we do at Origin.

How has Origin changed since you joined?

When I started there was around 20 people at Origin, and now we’re about 130. We’ve attracted people from all over the world and we now have a hugely diverse team. I love travelling and it’s great to hear stories and experiences from different parts of the world. That growth also equates to big changes in resources, structure and what we’re able to deliver for our clients. I think the culture’s gone from strength to strength - it combines the best aspects of a smaller firm like flexibility and lack of bureaucracy,  with the resources of a big business.

What keeps things fresh for you at Origin?

Definitely the variety. One of the things I love about working at Origin is the fact that we work across a vast range of technologies. You’re not pigeon-holed into looking after just one thing, so from a technical perspective that keeps the work very interesting. There’s also a tonne of variety in terms of the clients we look after - over time I’ve built up some very broad and deep experience across many different industries. And my colleagues will give me hell if I forget to mention the people. We’re not just a bunch of geeks (though we all love geeking out over new technology). We know how to have a good time and I have friends here I’ll have for life.  

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