Office 365 Security Assessment

Is your O365 suite optimally configured to protect your business?

The cost-effective way to get the most from your O365 subscription

While O365 security features are updated automatically, many New Zealand businesses are failing to configure them appropriately, and in many instances, they’re forgetting to turn them on altogether! Not only does this create a poor user experience, but it’s also exposing many New Zealand businesses to potentially devastating and avoidable risk.

Informed by years of experience with hundreds of businesses like yours, Origin Security’s O365 Security Assessment service reviews your O365 security features and provides actionable recommendations to configure your O365 suite to match your business needs and prevent security threats that are putting your business at risk.

This focused review takes 2-3 days (with minimal time investment at your end), and costs just $3,500. 

At the end, you’ll receive a report containing:

  • An assessment of your O365 security configuration using the Microsoft Secure Score and tested against our best practice guidelines

  • A comprehensive review of the enabled and available security features in your O365 subscription

  • Actionable remediation steps you can take to your reduce risk and get the most out of your O365 subscription

  • A break-down of the ease of implementation and user impact of each recommendation

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