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Today, security concerns are a clear and present danger for every business. Far from falling somewhere down your list of priorities, a strategic and ongoing approach to security must take precedence. After all, what could be more important to your business than your reputation, your intellectual property, or your customers’ information? Meeting the security challenge head on, with eyes wide open, will give you a competitive edge and free you up to innovate. But with the profusion of fragmented security offerings and products in the market, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where we come in.

Origin Security is unique in that we have a deep understanding of the entire security ecosystem and how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. This means we can offer you a bird’s eye view of the best path to your business’ ideal state. In fact, how we like to work is by helping you create a roadmap to take you there – avoiding all the wrong turns that come with a more ad hoc approach – and then going on the journey with you. We don't just advise, we stick around and help implement the changes, and then deliver ongoing managed security services to free you up to get on with more fruitful work.

Let’s get your business on the path to a safer, more prosperous future, today.

The path to a secure and thriving business
What stage is your business at?

Wherever you are in your security journey, Origin Security has the people, processes and technology to get you to your destination.

We need a comprehensive understanding of the security threats facing the business, and a plan for how to protect against them.
Review and Plan
We’ve completed a security review, and need expert resource to implement our plan.
Take Action
We’ve implemented our security strategy, and now need to detect and respond to security threats 24/7.
We need a dedicated virtual CISO to keep the business one step ahead of the ever-evolving security landscape.
Stay Ahead

Why Origin Security?

Origin Security began life as Optinet, a specialised enterprise security provider with an exceptional track-record and reputation. Optinet has provided managed security and strategic consulting services to clients such as Vodafone, Westpac, 2degrees, New Zealand Police and Inland Revenue since 1991.

Origin purchased Optinet in 2015 to complement our managed support service, providing our clients with a unified approach to managed support and security that means issues are dealt with swiftly without falling into the gaps between providers. Because we fully understand and constantly monitor your environment, our response time is unbeatable, and your security risk is dramatically lowered.

Origin Security has attracted some of New Zealand’s most respected security analysts. Our security team is one of the biggest in New Zealand, with experience in industries ranging from defence and intelligence, to FMCG and finance.

Meet the team

Keeping Businesses Safe Since 1991


Optinet rebrands as Origin Security and joins the Origin group of companies to provide end-to-end, specialist cyber security services for medium and enterprise-sized businesses.


Optinet is acquired by Origin IT


Asnet rebrands to Optinet. Continues as a leading provider of security and networking infrastructure, specialising in providing turnkey solutions for complex and emerging technologies.


Introduced the Aerohive wireless solution to New Zealand, having predicted that wireless networking was a key technology trend that would support the continued growth of the internet.


Early adopter of Secure Web Gateway solution, delivering Bluecoat Proxy SG to New Zealand customers.


Introduced Fortinet Unified Threat Management solution to the New Zealand market.

Mid 1990’s

Instrumental in establishing the internet in New Zealand, implementing remote dial-up platforms to ISPs.


Steve Harrington founds Asnet.

Some of the organisations who trust Origin Security to keep them safe
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Our processes are underpinned by world-leading security technology
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Managed IT Support

Origin's threat management service goes beyond the prevention of known threats. It monitors your network both inside and out, in order to detect, prevent and respond to the latest and most complex threat vectors out there today.

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