Origin Security Threat Management Service

A managed security, monitoring and analytics service

‘Cybercriminal activity is one of the biggest challenges that humanity will face in the next two decades’.* It’s scary stuff, but it’s also the reality for all businesses operating in the digital world today. Because no matter your size, industry, or geographical location, cybercrime is on the up, and it’s growing in sophistication every day.

*Cybersecurity Ventures report, 2019

The best defence against cybercrime is 24/7 detection, response and prevention against security threats. Our Threat Management Service provides just that. Using advanced technology, we’ll monitor your entire business network to identify the security threats facing your business, or network vulnerabilities exposing you to risk. Our team of security experts use tried-and-true processes to respond to those threats in real-time and proactively enhance your business’ security against continually evolving criminal activity. That way, you (and your stakeholders) will have the assurance you need to operate safely in today’s digital world.

Don’t we already have security covered by our IT team?

Ideally, your IT team - whether in-house or external - should provide preventative security measures that protect against the known, commonly-occurring security threats occurring outside your network. Every one of Origin’s managed support service customers receives this ‘best-practice’ level of preventative protection including patching and updates; secure employee device management; user account hygiene; firewall configuration and management; mail and web filtering; and virus scanning. 

Our Threat Management Service goes beyond the prevention of known threats. It monitors your network both inside and out, in order to detect, prevent and respond to the latest and most complex threat vectors.

Our 24/7 Threat Management Service allows us to:

  • Identify malicious third parties, anomalous activity and perilous behaviour (such as employee misuse of credentials)

  • Apply advanced incident management and response capabilities should a threat be detected or an incident occurs

  • Continually update and proactively improve your systems to protect you against the constantly evolving cybersecurity threats exposing your business to risk

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