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In a small market at the bottom of the world, finding the senior security resources you need to keep your business ahead of the curve can be a real challenge. Origin Security’s virtual CISO offering is designed to overcome this common constraint, providing independent security expertise to your business. Your virtual CISO brings with them a pragmatic approach to security that enables rather than inhibits you achieving business goals. They’ll drive your security lifecycle and strategy, and work with you to develop your security roadmap. Plus, they’ll deliver in-house programs covering the risks, responsibilities and solutions around cyber security, and help you introduce the necessary policies to support them.


Our CISO-as-a-Service offering fills any gaps your business has across information security, IT risk management and compliance. Your vCISO will be a single point of contact backed by an entire team of security specialists with expertise spanning technical controls, network security and security analysis, with deep knowledge of international standards and guidelines.

You'll receive:

  • Develop an information security strategy that aligns to your overall business strategy
  • Continually develop and update your information security policies and guidelines
  • Develop education and awareness programmes
  • Create an information security risk management framework (including governance structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Prepare an information security incident management framework and response plan
  • Plan periodic vulnerability/security assessments and reviews, and penetration tests
  • Conduct regular WIP meetings to discuss progress and agree ongoing deliverables

Approximate timeframe: 12 month minimum subscription, typically for 2 days per month

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When you work with an Origin Security vCISO, you benefit from the deep experience of the security analysts supporting them. Our security team is one of the biggest in New Zealand, with experience in industries ranging from defence and intelligence, to FMCG and finance.

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