Managed Security

Prevent, detect and respond to threats, 24/7

The journey to a secure, resilient business doesn’t end once you’ve strengthened your security environment. Prevention is critical, but it’s only one part of a more complex picture. You need eyes on the whole infrastructure, 24/7, to give yourself the best chance to prevent incidents and recover well from events.

We can set you up with a tailored and holistic security ecosystem where prevention, detection and response form a virtuous circle of continuous improvement. Our dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) and our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology gives in-depth visibility into your network traffic, systems and user behaviours and helps identify threats and vulnerabilities that can be rapidly addressed and mitigated. And if you work with an Origin Security virtual CISO, they’ll take learnings gleaned from the SOC and SIEM back into your security strategy, to continue to grow your security maturity into the future.

End-to-end security management

A cycle of continuous improvement that builds your resilience to ever-evolving security threats

We’ll feed new learnings back into your prevention strategy to continually build resilience

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Here are the services we offer to help you manage security threats 24/7.

Threat Detection

ur Security Operations Centre [SOC], underpinned by AlienVault technology, will monitor your IT environment to identify threats and vulnerabilities so they can be rapidly analysed, triaged and escalated, in real time, by a team of experienced Level 1-3 specialists.

You'll receive:

  • Real-time threat monitoring and identification
  • Incident escalation
  • Proactive remediation recommendations
  • Detailed analysis and reporting on business incident levels

Approximate timeframe: Minimum 12 month subscription

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Incident Management

Our security team’s remediation expertise combined with our Security Operations Centre (SOC)’s incident management tools and processes will keep your business running securely around the clock. We’ll proactively manage breaches in real-time, 24/7, helping you to bounce back quickly and continually build resistance. We continue to learn from any incidents, recalibrating and evolving your security capabilities. Subscription to Origin Security’s Threat Detection service is a prerequisite to our Incident Management service.

You'll receive:

  • Proactive, round-the-clock management of security breaches
  • Ongoing project-based improvements to keep your systems running optimally, such as cloud platforms, unified SSO/IAM products and network security

Approximate timeframe: Minimum 12 month subscription

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Managed Firewall

Whether you have a single site, multiple sites, or have embraced public cloud services for your infrastructure requirements, our Managed Firewall service is flexible to your needs and provides a single ‘pane of glass’ view of your usage and reporting. It provides around the clock protection of your environment, while reducing your capital investment and operational security costs.

You'll receive:

  • Enforcement of your company policy, regardless of device location, through mandatory use of desktop-based agents for your mobile workers
  • Detection of unusual behaviour with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) analysis of your network traffic
  • Dynamic protection of zero day network-based exploits from your networks with real-time updates of the managed firewall system

Approximate timeframe: Minimum 12 month subscription

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What stage is your business at?

Wherever you are in your security journey, Origin Security has the people, processes and technology to get you to your destination.

Virtual CISO

Working with an Origin Security virtual CISO means that lessons acquired from threats and breaches can be fed from the SOC and SIEM back into your security ecosystem, to continue to grow your security maturity into the future. Your vCISO will keep you up to date with new threats and technologies, lead education and awareness programmes to strengthen your security culture, and continue to remediate any weaknesses in your governance, policy and processes.

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Managed IT Support

The responsibility gap between providers can be especially problematic where security is concerned. Having both Managed Security and Managed Support provided by Origin closes the gap, allowing for faster detection and a more timely, seamless and effective response. Find out more about how Origin’s Managed IT Support can complement your security solutions here.

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