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Our technology consulting team approaches IT decision-making from a business strategy perspective. We're all about finding new and better ways to apply technology for business advantage - now and in the future. With Origin, you'll benefit from a partnership with an expert virtual CIO who'll work with you to build a technology roadmap that will underpin your digital strategy, and keep your business on the path to greatness.

Why Origin?

Technology roadmapping

Businesses often get stuck in a reactionary cycle that prioritises short term technology needs at the expense of long term business strategy. Without an effective technology roadmap, this cycle is near-impossible to break. Our consulting team will work with you to build a roadmap that will align your short and long term technology goals with your business strategy, and allow you to articulate exactly how technology will drive your business forward.

Virtual CIO

Origin’s CIO-as-a-Service model provides a partnership with a peer who can support (or lead) your technology roadmap, providing advice, a sanity check, or an expert to bounce ideas off.  Your virtual CIO will bring an extra breadth of experience and a fresh brain to your technology leadership team, so you can be confident you’re working outside of the echo chamber and making the right calls for your business.

Anatomy of a technology roadmap


Strategy statement agreed by all stakeholders


Prioritised list of improvement opportunities


High-level justifications for each project


Timeline of initiatives and projects


Estimated project costs and durations


Designated owners for each project

Digital strategy

Technology roadmap

Business transformation

Our technology consulting team is one of New Zealand's most experienced, with leading strategic technology roles in some of the world's most successful businesses under their belt.

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