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Five steps you can take right now to improve security, no matter your size

4th December 2018

Written by Origin Security

There’s a common misconception among small to medium-sized businesses that effective cybersecurity requires the resources of their enterprise-sized counterparts. What’s more, it’s an oft-held view that the only way to improve cybersecurity is to commit to a company-wide overhaul of existing security software, policies and procedures; a process that’s perceived as time consuming, tedious and disruptive. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality is there are many practical and effective ways for small to medium-sized businesses to improve their security posture; they’re easy to roll out and they won’t break the bank. Don’t believe us? Check out these five pragmatic steps you can take to enhance your security posture today.

  1. Know your vulnerabilities. It’s important to understand the security threats facing your business and identify the weaknesses in your IT environment. Get started by shining a light on your security vulnerabilities with the help of Origin’s Security Review Services, or check out Microsoft’s Online Security Assessment and review your security posture from the comfort of your desk.

  2. Leverage existing technology. All too often, Kiwi businesses invest in IT that comes complete with advanced security features only to never fully realise its potential. Here are some of the ways you can leverage your existing technology today:

    a) Make the most of your Microsoft licencing: Review your Exchange Online configuration and turn on Multi-Factor Authentication

    b) Review your firewall configuration: Make sure your rules are up to date and turn on unused features.

    c) Apply those patches: Cybercriminals exploit known vulnerabilities, the same vulnerabilities that those pesky software updates are designed to remedy. Don’t ignore them; apply those patches today.
  3. Upgrade your software. At Origin Security, we encourage our small to medium-sized customers to upgrade their software to Microsoft 365 for Business. In addition to enhanced productivity and collaboration tools, M365 for Business has a range of inbuilt advanced threat protection features for a reasonable price. Find out more about the all-in-one solution here.

  4. Educate your staff.  Your people are your biggest risk and your greatest defence. Implementing social engineering strategies such as phishing training and enhancing staff awareness around cybersecurity are some of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to enhance your security posture, and we’ve got proof. Check out how award-winning investment firm Milford Asset Management virtually eliminated their phishing risk in the space of 12 months using Origin’s Phriendly Phishing programme.  

  5. Give it to the experts. Prevention is critical, but it’s only one part of a more complex picture. Threat detection and effective incident response is critical to ensuring your business is staying secure. If that sounds like a case for the ‘too hard basket’, consider utilising outsourced security services such as Origin Security's Threat Management Service for 24/7 security management and threat detection.

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