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Google Chrome security flaw reinforces the need to keep systems up-to-date

13th March 2019


Written by Jason Wild

News of a major security vulnerability in the world’s most popular web browser reinforces the need to follow that most basic and important of cybersecurity tips: Keep your systems up-to-date.

On March 6th, Google Chrome's security lead and engineering director, Justin Schuh, warned that users should update "right this minute." The Google Threat Analysis Group discovered a zero-day vulnerability for Chrome that’s being actively exploited in the wild. It could potentially allow an attacker to carry out a remote code execution attack while escaping Chrome’s built-in sandbox protection.

Google immediately pushed out a security fix, which requires users to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome. For instructions on how to do that, click here.

Regular patching is a basic security requirement. We recommend using auto-updates where possible, and subscribing to a security feed to keep up-to-date on evolving threats.

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Jason Wild

Practice Head - Information Security

Jason provides information security consulting as part of our vCISO offering. He has 29 years’ experience in the IT industry, with over 20 years in management and consulting roles.

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