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Origin rolls enterprise security provider subsidiary Optinet into Origin brand

22nd February 2018

Origin has launched an IT security practice, Origin Security, to service mid-market and enterprise sized companies.

The new service leverages the deep expertise of the company’s security and networking subsidiary Optinet, which has rebranded to Origin Security to introduce an end-to-end consulting and fully managed security offering.

Origin CEO Michael Russell says the time is right to bring the capabilities of the two brands together.

Optinet has deep experience in network and security consulting, delivery and support, working with large customers, and Origin’s heritage is in developing managed IT services.

“We saw an opportunity to create a more potent service offering and a single brand to meet the evolving needs of the market to protect IP, people and reputations. Origin Security leverages the very best parts of both businesses to create something that we think is unrivalled in the market.

“With data breach notification legislation coming into force soon, it’s become even more urgent for New Zealand businesses to make sure they’re giving themselves the best possible chance against security threats.

Craig Burston, former General Manager of Optinet, now General Manager Group Sales for Origin, says the cost and capability required to manage data and IT security well in-house will come as a surprise to many.

“Attracting and retaining top security analysts is incredibly costly and the tools and systems needed to provide the intelligence and threat detection capabilities are expensive and probably beyond the reach of all but the largest companies.

“It’s an increasingly specialist area and one where we’ll start to see a trend to outsourcing as companies begin to realise the time and cost to do it well and the risks involved in attempting to manage it without a specialist dedicated security operations centre.

“Data security is not something that you do once, tick the box and move on. It’s about constant vigilance and improvement.”

Origin Security will help businesses navigate the fragmented security landscape with a birds-eye view that delivers a clear-sighted assessment of current weaknesses, and a security strategy and roadmap that prioritises investment in the right areas.

“Many New Zealand companies have their heads in the sand when it comes to security and don’t understand they probably already have issues - they just don’t know about it because they don’t have full visibility into their network. New Zealand’s move towards mandatory reporting of data breaches puts added focus and expectation on organisations to lift the standard of their information security to be more in line with our major trading partners.

“The responsibility for managing these risks, which are growing in number and severity, needs to be elevated. Data security is not a technology problem; it’s a business risk that needs to be acknowledged and resourced at the highest level. It really should be right at the forefront of board conversations,” says Michael Russell.

Key points of Origin Security:

  • An end-to-end specialist cyber security provider for mid-market and enterprise businesses

  • Leverages Optinet’s capability in security and networking, together with Origin’s track record in managed IT support and technology services

  • One of New Zealand’s biggest security teams

  • A virtual Chief Information Security Officer to help clients select the right technology and provides support to create the right security culture and strengthen governance, policy and process

  • Simple, transparent fixed cost pricing for managed security based on “end-points”

  • Services offered:

    • Review and testing to assess current security risks

    • Security strategy, planning and road-mapping

    • Technical, governance and process remediation

    • 24/7 threat detection, prevention and response

    • CISO-as-a-service

To find out more, visit Origin Security.  

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