Origin Security Threat Assessment

Is your cybersecurity investment working for your business?

Is your antivirus software doing its job? Is your firewall optimally configured to protect your business? Whether you've invested in IT security or considering the same, it's hard to justify the spend when your vision's impaired. The majority of businesses have little visibility over the state of their security. But in order to articulate a return on your investment, you need eyes across your entire business network and the preventative measures already in place.

Get full visibility of the state of your security with Origin Security’s one-month threat assessment

Our Threat Assessment gives you broad visibility over the state of your security with a holistic review of your entire business network. Over the course of one month, we’ll monitor, scan and assess your network infrastructure and activity, with the goal of identifying the security weaknesses that are exposing your business to risk.

Our one-month threat assessment is ideal for

  • identifying what’s going on in your network right now and what threats you’re being exposed to

  • understanding areas of weakness that are putting your business at risk

  • presenting a business case for increased IT security investment

  • providing assurance or demonstrating the ROI of your existing security investment

You’ll get a report containing

  • details of the threats or security events that affected your business during the one-month assessment period

  • a prioritised list of your security weak spots accompanied by pragmatic recommendations to reduce your risk

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