Tech Perspective: Data Protection and Backups

Written by Origin IT Senior Delivery Engineer, Ajay Nabh

While backups are something generally only the IT department get excited about, it is slowly catching on that business data is the single most critical asset for all businesses.

Data powers day-to-day mundane tasks through to core business functions. Imagine a work day without being able to access business critical systems such as Email, ERP system or CRM software.  

In this data-centric economy, it is critical for every business to identify their most important data, know where it is and how it can be retrieved in the case of data loss or disaster, and ensure that it is protected in compliance with local laws.

In my experience the most ignored aspect of data protection is the effective restore and recovery of the protected data. Data needs to be moved or replicated out of the primary data centre to a separate geographical location, as and when the business requires it.

In today’s data-driven environment, a business is only as good as its ability to access, analyse and share data. Without having robust and well architected data protection and management solution in this ever-connected world, a business is not far away from losing its single most important asset.

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