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At Origin, our team is as varied as a mixed dozen of craft beer. We’ve got newbies, and we’ve got the most experienced heavy-hitters in the business. We’re security consultants, and we’re service desk analysts. We’re family types, and we’re hit-the-clubs types. But what every Originite has in common is a serious passion for what we do: Helping New Zealand's best businesses fly by freeing them to focus on what they do best.

Life at Origin

World class training and professional development opportunities? Check. Extra-mile-going high achievers? Check. Mechanical bulls? We’ve got those too. From the serious stuff like meaty projects with some of New Zealand’s most complex businesses, to the fun stuff like birthdays off and early Friday finishes for team drinks, Origin’s a great place to work and grow your career - whether you’re a bright young grad just starting out, or a seasoned pro at the top of your game.

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