Tech Perspective: Five Things to Help Secure Your Data

11 April 2016

Information Security

Written by Origin IT Senior Delivery Engineer, Ajay Nabh

Leading market analysts Juniper Research, suggest that by 2019 the rapid digitisation of consumers’ lives and business records will increase the cost of data breaches four times from the 2015 levels, to $2.1 trillion globally.

While the numbers are daunting, there are steps that business can take to minimise the likelihood and impact of an attack. Below are five easy steps businesses can take to keep data more secure:  

  1. User education is paramount. Make sure your users know to never open attachments or links from an unknown senders. Ensure that they understand that any email address can be faked, so make sure they trust their instincts and double check before opening attachments or clicking on links from someone they know, that seem out of character or context.  

  2. Ensure your business is leveraging the full set of threat protection tools including antivirus, intrusion prevention and detection, reputation and behaviour analysis, to protect IT infrastructure.

  3. Make sure all the software on business IT systems is up-to-date. This includes the operating system, the browser and all of the plug-ins that a modern browser typically uses.  

  4. Make sure your IT delivery experts lock access to USB ports on all IT infrastructure devices including servers, desktop, laptops and mobile devices, to allow only authorised USB devices on the business network.

  5. Ensure data security is an integral part of the IT security framework, and that file sharing service providers such as DropBox are brought under your data security framework.  

Most data breaches happen through mundane and seemingly harmless activities, however the impacts can have far-reaching and deeply damaging consequences for individuals as well as businesses. Protecting business data assets by securing, controlling, monitoring and educating employees needs to be a business priority.

Origin has collaborated with security and networking company Optinet and created the first end-to-end security offerings tailored for the New Zealand mid-market.

These offerings are compelling as they capitalise on the unique capabilities each company brings to the partnership; leveraging Origin’s prowess in delivering the New Zealand mid-market with IT services, and Optinet’s expertise in securing the most complex organisations from the inside out.

The offerings are built on the philosophy that information and data is the most valuable asset in any business, and that virtual and physical security practises should focus around the protection of this precious asset:

  1. Security Review - An exercise designed to take stock of your company's information security environment, from a process, policy and system point of view. The result is a score that will give you clarity on the security position of your company.

  2. Security Investigation – Optinet’s team conduct an ethical hack of your company’s security practices, both virtually and physically.

  3. Security Strategy – Optinet’s CISO service provides security leadership designed for your business needs.

  4. Security Operation and Management – Optinet and Origin ensure that your physical and virtual security environment is optimised to manage any unseen threats.

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