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Find the right cloud formula for your business

When it comes to the cloud, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. From simple adoption projects, to comprehensive workload analysis or complex migrations, we bring an expert, right-sized approach to cloud solutions for your business. You’ll benefit from our deep relationship with Microsoft and the experience we’ve accumulated across hundreds of clients. Tie it all together with our technology and security roadmapping services, and you’re looking at a cloud solution that drives impressive business results.

Use only what you need with Software-as-a-Service

With a Software-as-a-Service product such as Microsoft Office 365, no element of the system is your responsibility: you consume the service and the provider takes care of the rest. A great number of accounting systems, CRMs and ERPs function completely as a SaaS platform and cost is linear to the number of your employees, resulting in a predictable and manageable IT  spend. We’ll help you to design your SaaS system so that it works optimally for your business.

Save money and time with Platform-as-a-Service

Maintaining servers can be a costly exercise. If all you need is a database, we can help you get set up with a service such as Azure, which will host it on their platform. Your servers or application endpoints connect to the database address and start working. The service provider performs all maintenance, including patching of the database system and makes it highly available across a region, with backup within the platform or to a 3rd party system. The result is significant cost and time savings for your business.

Get more flexibility with Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Your Windows and Linux servers can be hosted in a public cloud (Azure), private (on premise or in a New Zealand datacentre) or hybrid (a mixture of both), depending on your requirements. We can help design your network to optimally use a private, public or hybrid cloud as if the infrastructure was still on premise. You only pay for what you use, so if you run an 8am-5pm business, you can programmatically turn off your systems overnight and save over 50% of your computing costs. If you don’t need systems at the weekend, the cost savings are even greater.

Our technology consulting and delivery teams have experience designing and delivering optimal cloud solutions for hundreds of businesses.

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