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When it comes to the cloud, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. However, making the most of the cloud means resisting the temptation to take a pick ‘n’ mix approach to providers and solutions. It’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture. For many businesses, a hybrid cloud solution achieves the optimal balance between cost, performance and risk.


6 more reasons why Hybrid Cloud could be right for your business:

  • Flexible: A more agile and cost-effective way to procure public cloud services
  • Performance: Provides a highly-available infrastructure and minimises downtime
  • Practical: Ideal for workloads not suitable for public cloud or modern applications transformation
  • Manageable: A more measured step on your journey to a full cloud environment
  • Secure: Improves security and affords you greater control of your data storage
  • Resilient:  Enhanced  disaster recovery and business continuity planning

We’ve helped these businesses find their optimal Hybrid Cloud solution 

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"The seamless sharing of data between private and public clouds with our Hybrid Cloud design has enabled us to be much faster and more efficient when provisioning our workloads. We've saved time, effort and costs, ultimately making us more agile"

John Paull, Head of Operations, Milford Asset Management


FREE workload review

A workload review allows for an informed assessment of whether Hybrid Cloud is the right solution for your business. Our cloud specialists will start by taking a look at your existing infrastructure, application and data architectures. Via a consultative process, they will assist in the selection and prioritisation of workloads to be migrated, taking into account risk and appetite for change.


Why Origin?

Our technology teams have deep experience designing and delivering optimal cloud solutions for hundreds of medium and enterprise-level businesses. We look at cloud adoption from a business strategy perspective, with a pragmatic approach that takes into account risk and your appetite for change. Origin Security’s expert security consultants work alongside our technology team throughout your cloud adoption project, so you can be confident that security considerations are front of mind at every step of the way.

Realise the full benefits of Hybrid Cloud with HPE

HPE leads the way in innovations designed to harness the full benefits of hybrid cloud, ensuring maximum agility and performance. Origin has been recognised as an HPE Gold Partner, which means our clients benefit from enterprise-grade HPE technology at every stage, from build and deployment through to management.


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