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With the expansion of technology into every facet of our own and our customers’ lives, both the complexity of the IT function and the workload of the in-house IT department has grown exponentially. By partnering with Origin you’ll free up time and resources to go beyond the essential but expected tasks involved with keeping the organisation up and running and into more rewarding territory, such as contributing to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Origin handles the day-to-day IT needs of its clients with a level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness they find impossible to replicate in house. We also step in when they need one-off projects delivered seamlessly, such as implementing technology changes.

Origin is ‘right-sized’ for medium sized enterprises. We have the scale to give you access to enterprise-grade resources and know-how but we’re still lean enough to be agile, personable and highly responsive.

Managed support for a fixed monthly fee doesn’t have to mean you’re boxed into a one-size-fits-all solution. We allow you – actually, we encourage you – to scale up and down whenever the business demands it. Breathe in, breathe out, and pay for precisely what you need with Origin.

Enjoy all this...


24/7 expert support for everyone in your business, wherever they are.


Proactive, automated monitoring and maintenance - top tools and people.


Around-the-clock prevention and minimisation of IT downtime.


Advanced reporting and data analytics to support business decisions.


Up-to-date and accurate documentation of your infrastructure.


Security across all devices, all the time.

.. and more, for a fixed monthly fee.

Keen on more control and greater freedom? Get in touch to discuss your tailored solution.

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24/ 7 Support

With Origin, everyone in your business has instant access to our support team around the clock, 365 days a year, wherever they are. We use Connectwise, the world’s leading helpdesk tool, to provide end-to-end trackability and eliminate black holes, meaning our customers experience a seamless journey at every step. Connectwise also allows us to accumulate learnings across our entire client base. With 52,000 service tickets and 36,000 phone calls to our helpdesk per year (93% rated positively by customers), our experience grows by the second. You name it, we’ve seen it. And we know how to fix it.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Our automated, proactive monitoring and management processes deliver a level of service that's virtually impossible to replicate at an individual business level. We use Automate, a best-in-class Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool, to remotely and proactively manage your endpoints, networks and computers. Our processes and technology make daily tasks scaleable; resulting in maximum efficiency, timeliness and flexibility. The result? We can prevent and resolve IT issues for a fraction of the equivalent in-house man hours, while radically reducing the occurrence of human error.

Risk Mitigation and Reporting

Keeping on top of documentation is a real hassle for most businesses, but it’s crucial for risk mitigation and future-proofing your business for change and growth. Origin maintains up-to-date, detailed and accurate documentation of every client’s infrastructure on Confluence Wiki, a centralised and secure knowledge base. When something fails we can pinpoint the cause and respond quickly.

Combine this with an expert team providing regular, in-depth reporting and analysis of your data, and you have a rich picture of how your IT is delivering to your business goals. You and your stakeholders can be confident that your IT infrastructure is documented, and that no threats or opportunities to improve performance will slip through the cracks.

Managed Security

Managed support and managed security are effective on their own but put them together and they reinforce each other, forming a highly advantageous union. Find out more about Origin Security’s specialist managed security service.

Managed Security

Case Study - JUCY

“Our first discussions with Origin in 2010 led us to look at IT in a very different way. Previously we had viewed it as purely a cost to our business. Origin opened our eyes to seeing the degree to which technology could be used to enhance and benefit our business.” - Dan Alpe, COO

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