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Today, security concerns are a clear and present danger for every business. Far from falling somewhere down your list of priorities, a strategic and ongoing approach to security must take precedence. After all, what could be more important to your business than your reputation, your intellectual property, or your customers’ information? Meeting the security challenge head on, with eyes wide open, will give you a competitive edge and free you up to grow and prosper.

Origin offers both strategic Information Security services, and an end-to-end Managed Security service to our clients. Where other providers stop short at prevention, we go further, offering full, end-to-end security management. That means we set you up with a tailored and holistic security ecosystem where prevention, detection and response form a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.

End-to-end security management

A cycle of continuous improvement that builds your resilience to ever-evolving security threats.

We’ll feed new learnings back into your prevention strategy to continually build resilience.

Strategic Prevention

Good security starts with prevention. Led by your Origin vCISO, we’ll begin with a Security Review Assessment of your governance, risk and compliance capabilities. This uncovers gaps in your technical, physical and administrative controls that could be hampering the maturity of your security culture.

Next, any opportunities for improving your security environment through cloud migration or firewall upgrades will be identified and implemented by our IT Consulting and Solutions teams, who have deep secure-build configuration expertise across networking, firewall, web/email gateway and endpoint toolsets. Once we have your new improved security ecosystem in place, our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance tool will patch known vulnerabilities rapidly and provide peace of mind through regular reporting on systems status.

Prevention should be an ongoing priority for every business, so your Origin vCISO will continue to provide pragmatic guidance on growing your security maturity into the future.

Threat Detection

Prevention is critical, but it’s only one part of a more complex picture. You need eyes on the whole infrastructure, 24/7, to give yourself the best chance to prevent incidents and recover well from events.

Origin has a dedicated Security Operations Centre [SOC], underpinned by AlienVault technology, which gives in-depth visibility into your network traffic, systems and user behaviours, and helps identify threats and vulnerabilities that can be rapidly addressed and mitigated. Our Managed Security Service provides detailed reporting on business incident levels and gives your team access to experienced Level 1-3 specialists with experience of common operating system issues.

Incident Response

Origin’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) incident management tools and processes proactively manages threats and breaches in real time, 24/7, helping you bounce back quickly and continually build resilience. Our team are experienced at managing incidents and have the remediation expertise to keep your business running securely.

We continue to learn from any incidents, recalibrating and evolving your security capabilities. Our Information Security teams will also deliver ongoing project based improvements to keep your systems running optimally, such as cloud platforms, unified SSO/IAM products and network security.

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Managed Firewall

Our managed firewall service monitors and protects your environment 24/7, giving you peace of mind while reducing your capital investment and operational security costs. Whether you have a single site, multiple sites, or have embraced public cloud services for your infrastructure requirements, our solution is flexible to your needs and provides a single ‘pane of glass’ view of your usage and reporting.

Our managed firewall service can:

  • Enforce your company policy, regardless of device location, through mandatory use of desktop-based agents for your mobile workers.
  • Detect unusual behaviour with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) analysis of your network traffic.
  • Dynamically protect zero day network-based exploits from your networks with real-time updates of the managed firewall system.
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication through remote access to your network via your managed firewalls VPN capabilities.
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Managed Support

Combining your security solutions with a managed support service is highly advantageous. Inherently the partnership brings a much deeper understanding of your technology roadmap and infrastructure, enabling faster decisions and superior business outcomes. There is no responsibility gap, and no finger pointing. Find out more about how Origin’s Managed IT Support can complement your security solutions here.

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