Getting to Know: Meng Yeo

27th June 2018

Written by Origin IT

Getting to Know: Meng Yeo

Service Desk Manager, Origin

Meng joined Origin in 2013 as a Service Desk Analyst and has held a number of different roles supporting Origin clients. He recently took up a new position as our Service Desk Manager. We managed to catch him during a rare quiet moment for a chat.

Hey Meng! Before we start, can you confirm your reputation as the office multi-linguist?

It’s true! I was born in Malaysia, and speak English, Malay, Cantonese and Chinese. I learned to speak German during the five years I studied and lived in Germany. I lived in Italy for a while too, but my Italian’s very rusty. I’m learning Spanish at the moment and if I can nail that, I’ll be able to say I speak six languages.

Sheesh, stop showing the rest of us up please! Tell us, what brought you to New Zealand?

I came to New Zealand on holiday and the moment I arrived I knew this was the place for me. Auckland is stunning and to me it’s a perfectly balanced city. It’s surrounded by beaches; it’s vibrant and diverse but not overly crowded; and it’s very peaceful. I’ve visited various parts of both the North and South Islands and I think the landscape, the wilderness and the unique blend of European, Maori and Pasifika cultures is amazing. I’ve never looked back since moving here.

You started at Origin in 2013 as a Service Desk Analyst, but you’ve held a number of roles here…

Yes, I’ve never had a chance to get bored. I’ve been a Service Desk Analyst, Service Desk Team Leader, Field Services Manager, and now I’m settling into my new role as Service Desk Manager. Origin has been very supportive of my career growth.

The service desk is the first point of contact for our customers for everything IT-related. In my new role I ensure that all the support requests logged are resolved in a timely fashion. I’m always looking into ways to provide a better experience for all our clients – our motto is ‘good is not good enough’!

What motivates you at work?

I’m totally driven by how I can make a difference to our clients’ businesses. I believe the way to achieve that is by developing a team of motivated people with high standards, who enjoy coming to work. Everyone here is engaged and passionate – I feel honestly very lucky to work alongside them every day.

What challenges are you seeing clients facing right now?

I know it’s been said before, but security is the number one challenge. For example, phishing methods (emails, and now texts too) have become very sophisticated. Without proper security measures and staff education, the risk to the business is very high.

Strong security isn’t just dependent on technology but also on the overall IT environment and how it’s set up to both defend and recover against attacks. As a leader in this space, Origin is very well placed to keep our customers safe. That’s something I’m really proud of.

What do you like most about life at Origin?

Life here is fast paced and always changing. If you combine that with passionate people, you get a really buzzy atmosphere. It’s a very energizing environment to work in.  


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