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The need to access applications and data from any device, anywhere, means that good connectivity is a cornerstone of any successful business. At Origin, we look at connectivity through the lens of business enablement. By choosing the right networks for data, voice and video for LAN/WAN and wireless and cloud services, your productivity goes up, your costs go down and your employees and customers have a better experience. Origin’s project delivery team has experience designing and delivering network solutions for hundreds of medium and enterprise-sized businesses. We’ve worked with leading telecommunications companies to design and build some of New Zealand’s most technically complex connectivity solutions, and our team has in-depth knowledge of LAN/WAN and WiFi design across a range of industries.

Our expertise in cloud and security  means we will also get those technologies working in harmony with your network so the whole system is humming.

Network Services

Network Strategy

network strategy3 We take an outcomes-based approach to networking that assesses your current state and future needs, helping you move to a more agile and optimised network. Your network strategy can cover everything from the data centre to the branch office, mobile workers to the cloud. We’ll help you embrace the change that leads to a more agile network. This will enable you to take advantage of digitisation, mobility and cloud. With a robust and adaptable network infrastructure, your business will be well-equipped to handle change, growth and upgrades, no matter how complex. Find out more

LAN/WAN Design and Build

Our network team will design and build a network that enables effective monitoring at both the head office and branch level, nationally and internationally. This allows your IT support team to manage your network effectively, anticipating and resolving issues before they become a problem.

We’ll also consider usage needs from all parts of the business, not just users and applications, ensuring your LAN and wider WAN have the necessary bandwidth to cope with increasing demands from data backups across multiple locations. The result is a fast, robust and flexible network that supports your optimal infrastructure, whether it’s in the cloud or on premises.

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Firewall Design and Build

Regardless of whether your systems reside on premise or in the cloud, your business network needs protection. Next generation firewalls can identify malicious inbound or outbound network traffic, utilise explicit rules to lock down web and system traffic, and report on user and system usage. Firewall vendors release updates to their detection systems rapidly, so exploits or known malware communication addresses are blocked.

Firewalls have many other features, such as bridging the internet connection between the office and an Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, so that all communications are encrypted. Origin’s networking team has deep experience of designing and implementing firewalling for businesses at all points of the complexity scale.

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How else can we help?

Stay secure

Our project delivery team has deep secure-build configuration expertise across networking, firewall, web/email gateway and endpoint toolsets. They’ll work with Origin Security’s expert security consultants to identify any opportunities to improve your security environment as part of your design and build project.

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Maintain optimal performance

Our managed network service ensures peak network performance, 24/7. Our specialist people, processes and technology, combined with cumulative learnings drawn from dozens of our clients’ networks, provide a level of efficiency and expertise that’s impossible to replicate at an individual business level. Our proactive monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting allow you to focus on more rewarding work, confident in the knowledge your network is performing optimally at all times.

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Managed support

A secure network

Less downtime, better performance

Some of our network technology partners
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Case Study - Toyota Financial Services


When we began working with Toyota Financial Services, it was a rapidly-growing business that multiple IT support partners who were struggling to cope with the demands of the company’s complex network structure.

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