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Cloud-based solutions and applications offer you a mind-bending array of potential improvements to the way you operate. No matter to what degree you’ve shifted to the cloud to date, you’ll understand the beneficial relationship between ‘as-a-Service’ and having the agility required to compete today. The opportunity to divert a chunk of capital expenditure to opex is a big attraction, as is the need to find new pathways to digital transformation.

When moving to the cloud, it’s important to take a step back, look at the big picture and start with the business strategy and the desired business outcomes. Origin can advise you on what to buy, what to build and what to maintain; show you how everything fits together; and provide education and training for the team so that new ways of working are embraced. You’ll benefit from our deep relationship with Microsoft and Hewlett Packard and the experience we’ve accumulated across hundreds of clients. Tie it all together with our technology and security roadmapping services, and you’re looking at a cloud solution that drives impressive business results.

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Cloud Strategy

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When it comes to the cloud, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Origin can help you find and define a set of cloud and security solutions that map to your business strategy. From simple adoption projects to complex migrations, we bring an expert, right-sized and pragmatic approach to cloud strategy for your business.

 Our first step is to take a look at your existing infrastructure, application and data architectures to create a workload analysis. Via a consultative process, we will assist in the selection and prioritisation of workloads to be migrated, taking into account risk and appetite for change. This produces a set of guiding principles, an adoption strategy and an indicative programme of work for cloud adoption.

 And finally we’ll underpin your new paradigm with Managed IT Support and Managed Security , helping you ensure that the efficiencies on offer are realised.

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Achieve the optimal balance with Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud helps fill in the gaps between public and private cloud resources, allowing the provision of smarter workloads and easy scaling based on demand. We’ll enable you to to make informed decisions and investments so you can make hybrid cloud an operational reality, with an optimal balance between cost, performance and risk. When combined with our security services , we can safeguard compliance and ensure you’re continually up and running in a secure way.

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Save money and time with Platform-as-a-Service

Maintaining servers can be a costly exercise. If all you need is a database, we can help you get set up with a service such as Azure, which will host on their platform. Your servers or application endpoints connect to the database address and start working. The service provider performs all maintenance, including patching of the database system.  This makes it highly available across a region, with backup within the platform or to a 3rd party system. The result is significant cost and time savings for your business.

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Get more flexibility with Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Your Windows and Linux servers can be hosted in a public cloud (Azure), private (on premise or in a New Zealand datacentre) or hybrid (a mixture of both), depending on your requirements. We can help design your platform to optimally use a private, public or hybrid cloud as if the infrastructure was still on premise. You only pay for what you use, so if you run an 8am-5pm business, you can programmatically turn off your systems overnight and save over 50% of your computing costs. If you don’t need systems at the weekend, the cost savings are even greater.

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Use only what you need with Software-as-a-Service

With a Software-as-a-Service product such as Microsoft Office 365, no element of the system is your responsibility: you consume the service and the provider takes care of the rest. A great number of accounting systems, CRMs and ERPs function completely as a SaaS platform and cost is linear to the number of your employees, resulting in a predictable and manageable IT spend. We’ll help you to design your SaaS system so that it works optimally for your business.

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How else can we help?

Cloud Security

Our data is everywhere, and therefore, security issues are increasingly a concern for cloud customers. However, we can’t turn back the clock. The world has changed. And, with good planning you can create mechanisms that will corral your data and help keep it secure. It’s critical that security considerations are front of mind when moving to the cloud or making any changes to your infrastructure. Origin Security’s expert security consultants will identify opportunities to improve your security environment as part of your cloud design and build.

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Technology Strategy

Our technology consulting team approaches IT decision-making from a business strategy perspective. We're all about finding new and better ways to apply technology for business advantage - now and in the future. With Origin, you'll benefit from a partnership with an expert virtual CIO who'll work with you to build a technology roadmap that will underpin your digital strategy, and keep your business on the path to greatness.

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Cloud security

Technology strategy

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Case Study - Cognition

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During a period of rapid growth, the leadership of Cognition began working with Origin to develop and implement an overarching business-led IT strategy.

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